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The Skarlett Knight Nr.2 by sylgrio
The Skarlett Knight Nr.2
This in not made by marvel.
This is a cover for a comic series that i had in mind for awhile.

Berry is the leader of the Paladins, a special force unite task whit caching Knights the byproduct of the explosion from Element Labs in the day he got his powers.

It was morning, a special few ware chosen to be enhance, this was never tested before. Berry was the first to enter the chamber, the door closed, the room was made out of glass, the lead scientist says "chill down kid everything is going to be fine".
The ceiling started to glow and pulse, a large beam of energy shooted downward for a few second then it stopped, Berry looks unfazed but one short breath from him freezed the glass chamber, the doctor says "we are detecting an element...its cold...", "he can control the temperature" he screams happy "we did it we actually did it".
Berry slowly exits the chamber, his best friend walks by him saying "com-on hotshot get out, i want to see what this baby's gonna give me,lets do this".
The Skarlett Knight Nr.1 by sylgrio
The Skarlett Knight Nr.1
This in not made by marvel.
This is a cover for a comic that i had in mind for awhile.

A futuristic setting were 500 humans receive one power that mach there personality,from an accident that happens in  one of the biggest laboratory in the city.The explosion activates project Knight on a special version of LifeLocks which is a chip in the back of the neck the future version of a smartphone.Why this LifeLocks are different waits to be found.

It was morning, Skarlett was walking thru the busy crowd ,everyone was hurrying to get to his job, on one of the buildings on a big display the news ware on:
"Doctor Eric Morton was arrested 3 hours ago for drunk driving,exactly 15 years ago his brother lead scientist Howard and his daughter disappeared and have not bean found even today, ambassador Hannah, Howard s wife refused to comment on the subject"
Skarlett entered a back alley and starts climbing the fire escape of an abandoned building,from nowhere a big blast of energy breaks the windows from Element Labs eleventh floor and scatters true the hole city.
Skarlett s LifeLock restarts and says:"project Knight activated...loading...initialisation complete,QuantumLock #001 activated " her head starts hurting and she suddenly collapses whit her hands burning on the ground.


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