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The Obsidian Knight Nr.1 (Remastered/Rebranded) by sylgrio
The Obsidian Knight Nr.1 (Remastered/Rebranded)
This in not made by marvel, the artwork is made by me to resemble a comic.
This is a cover for a story that i had in mind for awhile.
The title of the drawing will be named after the characters chapter.

A futuristic setting were 379 people wake up having special abilities activated by emotional triggers, there source seems to be a mysterious accident at one of the biggest bioengineering laboratory in the world situated in their city.

 A powerful, sudden burst of energy breaks out through the city damaging building, cars and most importantly jamming and resetting Lifelok's, the most important piece of technology in everyone's life. This gadget has been tracking attention since the moment of release, and shortly become a requirement in today's society.
It is formed from two components, a powerful quantum processor inside the skin in the back of the neck, very close to the cervical spine but connected with it, and on the skin a small screen with basic information and two ports for routine check, it is something that everyone has, the first one you get is very close after birth.

A very competent comparison can be with the smartphone a very outdated device, but combine it with the only way you legitimise and prove that you exist, the only way you interact with any device or the world as a whole.
Soon after the reset a small group of people find themselves having control not only of their bodies chemical function but external elements to, some even being able to manipulate reality itself, but why these people? How are they different from the others!

                                                                                                        The Obsidian Knight
                                                                                                               Chapter I

5:03 PM, 18 November Capital City                          

Nikolas: ''Tell us what happened, from the start, tell us what you see!''

7:20 AM, 16 March Capital City

 It is morning outside a bit cold the early sun lights the city, through the busy streets a blonde girl with blue jeans and button up red hoodie tries to get away from the crowd, searching for something, a place, she has the AR map open, a digital HUD augmented in reality. 
 While she wonders the girl enters in the AR news app, after scrolling a few pages she plays one of the recent events:
  News Host: ''Today at 5:47 Eric Grey renowned scientist in the biological field has past away in a car crash, coincidentally, exactly 7 years ago his brother Howard Grey one of the main inventors of the LifeLock, and his niece have disappeared without a trail, ambassador Hannah Grey, Eric's wife,  has yet to give any official statement in...''
   HUD:''BEEEP...Destination reached''. Her AR map points out.
 Another message appears on the HUD.
   HUD: ''Do you wish to resume the video?''
 She proceeds swiping the message away with her left hand saying: 
  ''No, i have what i need, exit to main HUD!''

7:24 AM 

 Next to her right there is a narrow alley leading to a fire escape, before she can enter her HUD detects a young man with a hacked LifeLock and proceeds alerting the authorities, two policeman walking this way seem to already be in search of him, her report just confirms the current position of the man.
 The two of them start running in her direction, adrenaline starts pumping in her blood, quietly a bit scared she whispers:
  They can't be after me, HUD identify...
  HUD: ''scanning for identity.... agent Alexis Takuma and Joos Austyn of S.C.D.''

  Alexis Takuma: ''You are now under arrest, you have the right to remain silent. You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.''
  The young man: ''WHAT..waa..why let me go, what have i done?''
 Joos Austyn proceeds to scan his Lifelock while Alexis Takuma restrains him, the scan seems to be complete. 
Taking in a slow breath and letting it go Joos Austyn says disappointed:
  Joos Austyn: ''Another junkie, Ante Dzvonko you are under arrest for illegal modification to you LifeLock's biochemical release functions, you... you will now be taken to the section for processing...''
  Alexis Takuma: ''Maybe a few months in the Reform Center will teach you to buy the Vigor codes instead of hacking you're Lock.''
  Ante Dzvonko: ''You guys know this is bullshit, there not even selling us a PRODUCT, there just codes for our own BODIE hormones...''
   Joos Austyn: ''This is how the world works, get used to it, when Lock's become able to make the brain release any substance it can produce instead of regulating this, big corporations took note of it ...why even make a drink when you can make your brain give the desired effects....the big conglomerates managed to pioneer the codes because of their  alliance with the council...''
  Alexis Takuma: ''OK..ok...Stephen Hawking, we get it you are good at history, now let's go before he dies of boredom for me is already too late!...''
  Joos Austyn: ''What has Stephen Hawking to do with this he was a theoretical physicist?''
While slightly ironic giggling at the start Alexis Takuma says... :
  Alexis Takuma: ''Case and point now let's go.''
  Ante Dzvonko: ''But...''
  Alexis Takuma: ''But..but..move before i sweep up the alley with your butt, and im not even paid to do it, my personal service to the community you can say.''

Joos Austyn is looking at her, his HUD tries to find a name, it seems to be stacked on a searching screen, he pulls out his manual scanner for the port in the back, last second before he closes a name appears on display...
  Joos Austyn: '' Miss..uhh Jessica you're Lock is the one that pointed us to his current location, it seems that your version has a very powerful proximity scanner..., any way,  do you have any other possible information on him? Do you know each other?''
Jessica seems uncomfortable and a bit hurried but she doesn't want to look suspicious, seeing the clock just hit 7:28 AM she answers fast:
  Jessica: ''No, i don't know him and if you excuse me i need to get to work, i'm already late!''
  Joos Austyn:'' I... i am sorry miss...''
From a few meters away Alexis Takuma says:
  Alexis Takuma: ''Let's go Austyn, i want to catch the breakfast back at HQ before it ends!''
  Joos Austyn:''It ends at 10:00 AM...
  Alexis Takuma: ''Yes but i'm hungry now!''
  Jessica: ''Ahh..Can I go?!''
  Joos Austyn: ''Of course miss, carry on.''

Seeing them leave she enters the back alley going in the direction of the fire escape and asks the HUD:
   Jessica: ''HUD tell me what do you know about this building! It seems it was abandoned a long time ago, not sure why it is almost complete only a few floors are not ready, maybe they were out of funds...?
   HUD: ''I have no information on this building should i search online ''Jessica''?''
   Jessica: ''Note to self never reset the setting again, don't use my name HUD and always search online!''
   HUD: ''Understood...The building is owned by Elderelement or more precisely there lab subdivision.''
   HUD: ''The construction started 17 years ago, after 23 months they stopped and installed a high capacity nexus antenna that is on the same level as 3 others, their transmission is known to stop any electronic device at that high but only on a horizontal plane...''
   Jessica: ''Wait Nexus? where are the others?''
   HUD: ''There are 3 other buildings similar to this one that surrounds Elderelement Laboratories.''
   Jessica: ''Starting to get interesting. Why would they want something that stops most electrical devices at that level of there building?''
   Jessica: ''Show me the last read mail HUD''
   HUD: ''Here it is...''

 She enters the mail, it has no sender it's only the receiving date, today at 5:42 AM, theres a set a coordinates and a short message:''Be here in 3 hours, 5th floor.''
   Jessica: ''Our friend should be in here, lets see...''
   Jessica: '' HUD environment assessment!''
   HUD: ''Scanning environment...Searching for security cams in the vicinity...Connecting...Scanning their perspective...''
   HUD: ''All doors are blocked ,the only way in is the fire escape ,the first 3 floors are walled, the next 7 are not and from there up all are...''
   Jessica: ''hmm...The fire escape goes only 4 floors, the rest seems to be ripped off.''
   HUD: '' Correct, the bolts that did hold it were cut off!
   Jessica: ''7:35''
   Jessica: ''Lets go, its almost time!''

Slowly stepping on the stairs she puts all her weight to check for stability, the metal cracks as she continues the relanting shrilling noise gets unbearable, with a strong leap shes gets at the end of the second floor, the stairs are shaking, taking a deep breath she keeps going as fast as she can  until she reaches the 4th floor...
    Jessica: ''End of the road, let's get in."
The sound of the metal hitting the building fails to void in to silence...The floor is full with construction materials the concrete pillars are not painted except for one with a stylized dragon and written under ''united we stay'', searching for the stairs to the next floor she hears someone landing on the fire escape platform.
     Jessica: ''hmm...Wait...are you the person that contacted me?
A green haired girl, maybe 25 years old jumped on the platform and then down, Jessica starts walking in her direction...
     Jessica: ''This is crazy she jump 4 stories!''
     HUD: ''She had similar high-tension shoes as you, free running version.'' 
Getting on the metal platform she sees the girl run in to the street, promptly but unexpected at 7:42 AM the 27th floor of Elderelement
 Laboratory blows up throwing glass shards in every direction, with a fast move Jessica get her right forearm in front of her face, from it two metal skin like parts on the middle rise, they move up and over, one in the right and the other left revealing transparent roads that combines with the other metal skin like parts outside in a small shield blocking the glass shards.
    HUD: ''The bionic arm is at 97% integrity''
    Jessica: ''At least one good thing came from losing my arm!''
    HUD: ''I think its not over, i detect concentrated energy gathered up there...''
 A second explosion send a powerful wave of visible energy across the city, cars seem to stop, many pedestrians fall to their knees, every electronic device short circuits, on the ground i can't see the HUD anymore...i cant a se vedea anyones HUD!
 Snow starts falling from that level...
    Nikolas: ''This is it, we finally got the right time! She's not dead... not yet, keep watching we need to know what happened before we proceed...''

   She's opening her eyes slowly, every part of her body hurts, but worst the head, a deafening noise piercing thru her ears stops her from moving, everyone hears it, it's made by the LifeLocks!
   Slowly crawling toward a wall she sees the sky going dark, with all her force in the left hand pushing down she turns on her back and rest on a support pillar...
   The HUD opens, just a blue screen loading, she looks down on the streets, every person is on the ground, cars have stopped in the moment of explosion as a safeguard, every light is out except one, up where the explosion happened, a bright light...
   HUD: '' Loading...
               Host Name:                     Jessica-LL
               OS Name:                       Elderelement. CSS Zephyr 2 Ult
               OS Version:                    3.7.600 N/A Build 7600
               OS Manufacturer:           Elderelement Corporation
               OS Build Tipe:                 16-qbit Multiprosesor
               Original Install Date:      15/3/2245  1:09:15 PM
               System Boot Time:          23/7/2234  6:01:19 AM
      Receiving data package....
      Stopping reboot....                   Successful
      Decrypting packages....            Unsuccessful
New protocol found...
      Entering Cloud for Mass Decryption....
      Decryptors online: 249 and rising... ''

   The only source that can transmit anything now is the floor that exploded, this signal is something different, it should not be even possible to be understood or decrypted without a protocol made specific for it, and more than 300 LifeLock have that protocol? How! 
   HUD:'' Decryption interrupted... 
             Installing update....
Host Name:                      Knight-LL
               OS Name:                       Knight CSS Aqua 7 Ult
               OS Version:                    2.5.800 N/A Build 5700
               OS Manufacturer:           Elderelement Corporation
               OS Build Tipe:                 64-qbit Multiprosesor
               Original Install Date:      16/3/2245  7:57:15 PM
               System Boot Time:          23/7/2230  6:01:19 AM
    New processor capabilities detected...
    New data found starting Decryption...  Done
    Project Knight.... Active"
   Jessica: "What is burns..."
 Her right hand boots up, the protective shield gets in, she lifts the hand up, turns the palm to her face to verify the integrity, everything is fine...
   Jessica:" Ahh...It hurts so much..."
 Furious and in pain, she tightens her fist smashing it to the wall...and it burst on fire...her hole fist convert in flames, but not touching the skin somehow, the prosthetic doesn't pick up heat that can be damaging...
   Jessica:" MY burns! It doesn't hurt... it's barely hot..."
   Jessica:" What is happening to me?"
   HUD:" You are a knight now"
   Jessica:"And what is that supposed to mean?"
   HUD:" No further instruction has been found."
   HUD:"Your connection with the tower has been established! The tower is asking to unmask your location and permit software update.:    HUD:" Do you comply?"
 She gets on her feet with the help of a pipe, she holds tight melting it and says...


No journal entries yet.


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